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December, 2023 Newsletter

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January 11, 2024
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A Message from the COSWD, Marie A. Bernard, M.D.

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We extend a hearty welcome to Monica M. Bertagnolli, M.D., the new Director of NIH. We look forward to working with her to advance the NIH mission and address issues related to enhancing equity in science.

We are excited about the availability of new DEIA mentorship supplements and the launch of a UNITE-inspired initiative—Engagement and Access for Research-Active Institutions (EARA).

Please watch the recording of the virtual Advisory Committee to the Director meeting that was held from December 14-15, where I, along with my UNITE co-chair Dr. Alfred Johnson, presented the latest progress on UNITE. And in January, we will announce the ten DEIA Prize Competition winners and publish our 2023 Year in Review.

In addition, the COSWD Satisfaction Survey remains open—please take a few minutes to share your input. Thank you to those who already completed the survey.

The COSWD team appreciates your continued support, and we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

COSWD News Roundup 

Apply for a DEIA Mentorship Supplement

A new round of funding is available to supplement the NIH awards of investigators who engage in outstanding DEIA mentorship. Applications are due February 16, and we encourage all eligible investigators to apply. Prospective applicants should watch our informational webinar to learn more.

Announcing the Engagement and Access for Research-Active Institutions (EARA) Initiative

Led by the COSWD team on behalf of UNITE, the Engagement and Access for Research-Active Institutions (EARA) initiative aims to connect leadership from Research-Active Institutions (RAIs) with existing NIH resources. By better communicating these opportunities, EARA aims to accelerate research progress, address disparities in research opportunities and outcomes, and enhance scientific workforce diversity.

NIH Progress Advancing Disability Equity and Inclusion

NIH is reviewing feedback received in response to a proposed revision to its mission statement that will make it more inclusive. NIH also designated people with disabilities as a population with health disparities and published a new funding opportunity to support innovative research focusing on the health and health care of people with disabilities.

Scientific Workforce Diversity Seminar Series News

If you missed our November seminar, “How Do Research-Active Institutions (e.g., HBCUs, TCUs, and MSIs) Impact the Diversity of the Scientific Workforce?,” the event recording and presentation materials are available. Please plan to attend our March seminar on how diversity impacts innovation in team science. Subscribe to the COSWD listserv for updates.

The Latest in the Science of Workforce Diversity

The recently published proceedings from our seminar “How Does Mentoring Impact Diversity in the Biomedical and Behavioral Research Workforce?” encompass the rich discussion and robust evidence on the value of effective mentorship.

In Case You Missed It: Recent Posts from the COSWD Blog

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