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COSWD uses research insights and NIH as a testbed for innovative scientific programs designed to enhance workforce DEIA. We pursue this knowledge by leading and reviewing research and examining how DEIA shapes research quality, innovation, and other scientific outcomes. We also evaluate the performance of programs designed to enhance diverse and inclusive cultures. This approach enables us to develop an evidence-based understanding of mechanisms that shape program effectiveness.

Engagement and Access for Research-Active Institutions

NIH’s Engagement and Access for Research-Active Institutions (EARA) initiative enhances connections between RAIs and NIH’s Institutes, Offices, and Centers with programs of interest to the institution.

21st Century Scholars Program

The 21st Century Scholars Program uses the emerging practice of engaging cohort models to foster an inclusive workplace climate. The program builds a self-reinforcing culture of mentoring and support in the NIH extramural research program, while promoting awareness of the science of scientific workforce diversity.

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Addressing Funding Disparities

NIH implements strategies to address the demonstrated racial and ethnic funding disparities that persist in some NIH award categories. Through COSWD initiatives and others, NIH continues to enhance and expand its evidence-informed interventions to foster equity in its grants and funding processes.

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