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Progress Report: 2022–2024


Visual of cover page of COSWD Progress Report

COSWD has released a midterm progress report describing milestones and achievements toward the goals outlined in our strategic plan

The strategic plan’s goals are to builddisseminate, and act upon evidence to promote and sustain diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the biomedical and behavioral research enterprise.  

The achievements in this report demonstrate how COSWD has expanded its initiatives and strategies, building a stronger foundation to advance its mission as the NIH thought leader in the science of scientific workforce diversity.

Major Milestones

Chart of COSWD Major Milestones during fiscal years 2022 to 2024 in three goals areas: build, disseminate, and act.


To achieve our goals, COSWD collaborates with NIH entities, federal agencies, and external organizations to promote and sustain inclusive excellence in the biomedical and behavioral research enterprise.

Visual representation of three levels of COSWD collaboration.

Read the Full Report


For more details on COSWD’s activities and progress during the past three years, read the full report.

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24 June, 2024