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Building Evidence

Addressing Career Transition Gaps

NIH is pursuing a data-driven scientific approach to understanding diversity drivers and outcomes.


Diversity Program Consortium

  • Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD): The BUILD initiative's primary purpose is to provide opportunities and resources for eligible institutions to implement transformative, broad-based approaches to the training of students to undertake biomedical research in matters relating to the cause, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease.
  • Coordination and Evaluation Center (CEC): The CEC will coordinate consortium-wide activities and evaluate BUILD and NRMN programs. The CEC will work within the Diversity Program Consortium to facilitate development of consortium-wide hallmarks, including core competencies, of successful biomedical research career progression and examination of the impact of BUILD and NRMN programs according to these hallmarks.

Below are links to several current NIH program evaluations that show promise.


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