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NIH Distinguished Scholars Program: Eligibility and Nomination

Eligibility and Nomination

Any individual who is competitive for a tenure track position at the NIH and who has demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion is eligible for consideration and nomination for the Distinguished Scholars Program (DSP). DSP candidates are selected from applicants to tenure track positions, and for a Senior Investigator, Senior Clinician, or Senior Scientist position. Applicants to the Stadtman and Lasker Clinical Research Scholars programs are eligible.


The Scientific Director (SD) of an NIH Institute or Center (IC) interested in hiring the candidate is responsible for nominating candidates for the DSP. Candidates will be required to submit a diversity statement describing their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion as evident in a track record of activities such as mentoring individuals from underrepresented groups and participating in mentoring programs designed to promote diversity, and outreach activities including career days or science fairs at inner city or rural schools.


A committee of SDs and NIH investigators review and rank the nominations. Final selection of DSP scholars from the ranked list is made by DSP leadership.

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12 October, 2023