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Hubs of Innovation

The proposed NIH Hubs of Innovation public-private partnership aims to increase the breadth and depth of the scientific workforce talent pool, with the overarching goal to eliminate career transition barriers and achieve sustainable transformation in scientific workforce diversity.

The Vision: Please review of Hubs of Innovation Slide show.

Visit the NIGMS page for more information on program gaps in diversity training and careers

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We are seeking input on the structure and activities of the Hubs of Innovation program.

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Examples of Successful Approaches to Sustaining Diversity

There are several examples of successful approaches to sustaining diversity.

  • The Clayman Institute for Gender Research seeks to “implement change and promote gender equality.” The Clayman Institute offers workshops, conferences, and fellowships in order to bring together intellectually diverse groups of scholars to produce insights into barriers related to the advancement and equality of women.
  • The Association for Black Culture Centers aims to “celebrate, promote and critically examine the cultures (ways of life) of the following ethnic groups: African American, Latino, Asian American, and Native American...the ABCC expects that increased understanding of history and culture of each ethnic group will lead to authentic integration on campus and in the community”.


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