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COSWD Recruitment Search Protocol

COSWD Recruitment Search Protocol

The COSWD Recruitment Search Protocol (Protocol) is a systematic process of identifying a diverse group of potential candidates aligned with NIH's scientific opportunities.

What: Since 2016, COSWD has supported NIH in expanding recruitment of exceptional talent to the biomedical enterprise. COSWD has served job search committees by developing curated candidate lists of qualified potential candidates, aligned with NIH's scientific opportunities. Each search list includes a diverse selection of potential candidates who are identified through a systematic process. As noted below, as of Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22), specialists at every NIH Institute and Center (IC) were trained in the use of the Protocol to facilitate widespread use of the approach for the recruitment of scientific staff.

Why: Research shows that diversity improves science in a myriad of ways from enhancing creativity and innovation to broadening the scope of scientific inquiry. However, common recruitment practices—such as focusing on individual networks, which tend to be homogeneous—may constrain the recruitment of diverse talent. The Protocol's systematic approach helps to enhance applicant pools by encouraging applications from diverse scientists who may be overlooked when relying on other, informal methods.

How: The Protocol is executed through four basic steps, covered in detail in the resources below.

COSWD Recruitment Search Protocol Training Slides-02

Expanding Impact: As of FY22, COSWD launched its Recruitment Search Protocol Scale-Up Initiative (Initiative) to expand and enhance the Protocol's impact. The Initiative places NIH ICs at the helm of their search efforts, with IC-designated recruitment strategists trained by COSWD on the Recruitment Search Protocol serving their ICs' search committees. The Initiative is intended to enable greater breadth and depth of recruitment efforts. Recruitment strategists enable more searches across NIH to be supported and align with their ICs' hiring needs.

Resources: To learn more about the Protocol, please review the guidance and linked reference materials available in the presentation below.

Protocol Presentation

COSWD Recruitment Search Protocol Training Slides-01

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