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Racial Disparities in NIH Funding


Recent analyses of NIH award data from fiscal year (FY) 2010-15 reveal that the AA/B R01 funding disparity reported in 2011 by Ginther et al. (for awards made in FY2000-06) persists. NIH AA/B Funding Disparity Working Group, consisting of several NIH Institute and Center directors and other NIH leaders, gathered new data to further characterize the factors associated with the funding gap. The Working Group identified a multifactorial and cumulative basis for the disparity manifest at each stage spanning submission to funding. As a result, the odds of an application from an AA/B scientist being funded are 30% lower than an application from a white (WH) scientist being funded. Based on both the complexity of this multifactorial problem – and the striking differences in sizes of AA/B and WH NIH R01 applicant pools -- the WG employed multiple methods to understand the AA/B funding disparity.

NIH AA/B Funding Disparity Working Group


Applications from AA/B Scientists Constitute Only 1.5% of the PoolBlack scientists are less like to apply or re-applyNIH addresses disparity– Cumulative disparity spans submission to funding


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