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About the Survey

NIH has conducted the 2019 Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey, an in-depth, scientifically rigorous assessment of the NIH workplace. The main goals of the survey were:

  1. To identify any specific elements of NIH workplace climates that may be associated with harassment, including sexual harassment, and other inappropriate behaviors, so that NIH can design and implement any necessary targeted initiatives based on the findings.
  2. To determine the impact of harassment on career choices and on other outcomes, such as job satisfaction and psychological health.

The survey was designed by the nation’s leading researchers on workplace climate and harassment research and survey methodology. It is structured to be confidential and anonymous. It was administered by an outside contractor, which created the necessary firewalls and procedures to prevent NIH from seeing any identifiable data. Most importantly, results from the survey were returned to the community and will inform any potential interventions that help prevent harassment of any kind at the NIH.

The survey is not a tool for reporting an allegation of harassment or bullying. To report an allegation, please visit the NIH Civil Program website.


Please contact us at with any questions.




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