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NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey (WCHS)

As part of the NIH Anti-Harassment Program, a Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey (WCHS) was administered in January 2019 to NIH staff including NIH employees, contractors, fellows, and trainees. The survey was designed to be voluntary, confidential, and anonymous. Results from the survey helped in assessing the workplace climate and in identifying elements of NIH’s organizational climate associated with harassment. The information provided important context about the NIH workplace and is informing strategies about the development of NIH programs which can improve the workplace moving forward. In addition, the experiences at NIH will inform institutions about approaches they may take to assess and address incivility and harassment in the workplace.

Only in safe and respectful work environments can individuals achieve their greatest potential and carry out the important work that supports the NIH mission.


To this end, we have developed a suite of six products that will make the findings accessible and actionable for the wider community:

  • Survey Findings Report - Summarizes the WCHS purpose, methodology, key results, and conclusions.
  • Infographics (Condensed and Extended) - Provide a concise collection of engaging visuals, charts, and data that highlight the survey’s essential findings.
  • Survey Development and Methods Report - Provides an overview of the logistical and procedural processes involved in developing and administering the WCHS.
  • Survey Implementation Guide - Describes the measures used in the WCHS to be transparent about the methodology and encourage institutions to adopt the instrument as they deem appropriate to their needs.
  • Summary Frequency Tables - Provides additional context to the survey findings and supports future administrations of the survey instrument.


Please contact us at with any questions. To report an allegation, please visit the NIH Civil Program website.


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