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NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey

Final Response Rates to the NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey (PDF)

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Virtual QA Session on the NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey (NIH Only)

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As part of the NIH Anti-Harassment Program, a Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey will be administered in January 2019 to NIH staff including NIH employees, contractors, fellows, and trainees. The survey is designed to be voluntary, confidential, and anonymous. Results from the survey will help to assess the workplace climate at all NIH facilities and identify any elements of NIH’s organizational climate that may be associated with harassment. NIH facilities include labs, offices, meeting rooms, animal facilities, and many others. Both positive and negative experiences will provide important context about the NIH workplace climate, informing strategy about developing NIH programs to improve the workplace moving forward. Therefore, it is important for everyone to complete the survey.

NIH staff can take the survey on their computer (work or personal) or on a smart phone (work or personal). Learn more about how to take the survey.

Only in safe and respectful work environments can individuals achieve their greatest potential and carry out the important work that supports the NIH mission.


Please contact us at with any questions. To report an allegation, please visit the NIH Civil Program website.




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